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    Welcome to the most rewarding job you’ll ever have! From baby care and sleep habits to feeding and milestones, we’ll guide you through baby’s first year.

    Baby Care Essentials

    New parents have lots of questions -- about diapers, bath time, where baby sleeps. Experts address common parental concerns.

    These tips will help you keep your baby out of harm’s way.

    Find out which remedies help colicky babies and how to soothe your crying baby.

    Get the facts you need on daily diaper changes, bowel movements, constipation, and more.

    What to expect with baby’s sleep, how to set a sleep schedule, and teaching your baby to sleep through the night.

    Here are the must-have baby gear items including car seats, baby clothes, and baby furniture.

    Growth & Development

    Monitor your baby’s milestones and get tips on stimulating development and boosting brainpower.

    Take a tour of first-year "firsts" with WebMD’s guide to the most anticipated baby milestones.

    Critical milestones for a baby learning to talk happen in the first three years of life, when a baby's brain is rapidly developing. During that time, your baby's speech development depends on your "baby talk" skills as well as your baby's.

    Nutrition & Feeding

    Tips for breastfeeding your baby, how to pump breast milk, and the top foods for nursing moms.

    How to choose the right foods for baby’s first year, how to make your own baby food, and more.

    Here’s how to choose the right formula and bottle for your baby, what to do when your baby spits up, and more.

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