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    From dealing with picky eaters and mastering potty training to social and emotional development, we’ll help you wind your way through the preschool years.


    Congratulations, you have survived the "terrible twos!" Here’s what to expect in the next year.

    Over the next year, your child will become more independent and self-confident. Learn more.

    Here is what you need to know about emotional development in your preschooler.

    Here is what you need to know about social development in your preschooler.

    What sorts of changes can you expect in during the preschool years? Here's expert advice.

    As you watch your child grow, keep in mind that each child develops at his or her own pace and that the range of normal is quite wide.


    Sharing doesn't come easily for most kids, but with patience and empathy, parents can help preschoolers develop the habit.

    How to help your preschooler learn the difference between lying and telling the truth.

    How to avoid these common mistakes parents make with their preschoolers.

    Common Issues

    Here are 10 tips for creating a bedtime routine and ritual that can help take the battle out of your kid's bedtime.

    Tips for helping your preschooler master potty training.

    Sending your young child off to preschool or kindergarten can be an emotional time for both of you. WebMD offers this to-do list to help you get a head start.

    Nutrition & Exercise

    10 ways to help your preschooler develop a positive relationship with healthy food.

    How much TV is safe for preschoolers to watch? Simple ways to wean your child away from the tube.

    Keep your preschooler busy and moving with these games when they can’t play outside.

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