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    The toddler years are here, and you’re in for quite a ride! From discipline and tantrum tamers to nutrition and sleep, we address your most common concerns.


    Find out what growth and development you can expect in your toddler.

    Play dates between toddlers can be valuable learning experiences for your little ones.

    WebMD talks about your toddler's language development. Learn what to expect, including full phrases, from your 2 year old.

    Preview the highlights of baby's second year with WebMD's guide to the most anticipated toddler milestones.


    Experts share discipline tactics that can help make life easier for you and your toddler.

    Here are nine parenting mistakes every mom and dad of a toddler should avoid.

    Experts explain what triggers temper tantrums and how to stop the screaming.

    Here are a few prevention tips to stop your little chomper.

    Your partner is strict, but you're more relaxed. How can you get your styles in sync?

    Around your toddler's second birthday, you may wonder what happened to your adorable, sweet child.

    A toddler's natural urge to mimic can be a good thing. Repeat a few new words to him each day, and he'll pick them up right away.

    Common Issues

    Experts explain why toddlers need naps and share tips for getting toddlers to sleep.

    Read about common toddler sleep issues, and find expert tips for effectively troubleshooting them.

    By now, you've probably changed thousands of dirty diapers. You're more than ready for your toddler to start potty training. But is she ready?

    For many parents, finding the best toddler shoes isn't so easy. WebMD asked experts to offer advice on shoe shopping for your little wanderer.

    TV is a mixed bag. On the one hand, there are some excellent educational shows for kids -- fine in small doses, and with supervision.

    Nutrition & Exercise

    Experts explain how to provide toddlers with the nutritious food they need for their growing bodies.

    WebMD asked three top feeding experts to help you solve the most exasperating toddler feeding problems.

    Worried about your toddler’s weight? Find out when and why you should be concerned.

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