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    1. Parenthood Not What You Expected?

      WebMD talks about parenting frustrations and how to handle them. Also, find out how baby is learning to recognize things, people, and animals.

    2. Picky Eaters

      WebMD gives tips for feeding a baby who is a picky eater. Also get ideas for toys and games 8-9 month olds enjoy.

    3. Reconnecting With Your Partner After Pregnancy

      WebMD discusses the normal change that occurs in a home after baby is born and how to keep the connection with your partner after pregnancy.

    4. Potty Training: When to Start

      WebMD guides you through the 19th month of growth and discusses when to start potty training your toddler.

    5. Returning to Work: Coping With Mommy Guilt

      WebMD discusses changes in your three month old baby and provides tips for moms going back to work.

    6. Feeding Your Newborn

      WebMD discusses the pros and cons of feeding baby breast milk or formula and discusses how baby’s vision and hearing are developing.

    7. How to Be a Calmer Parent

      WebMD gives advice on handling anger or frustration as the parent of a 1-year-old.

    8. 5 Ways to Help Unfit Teens Get Moving

      WebMD gives you tips for getting your overweight teen to start moving.

    9. Fun Game Ideas for Baby

      WebMD provides ideas for games to play with baby to help his or her developing senses.

    10. My Baby's Here! Now What Do I Do?

      Now that you've delivered your baby, find out what to expect during the first week in the hospital and/or at home.

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