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    1. Choosing Baby Formula

      Bewildered by the array of infant formulas? WebMD helps you choose the right one with these facts and 12 tips for happy feeding.

    2. Biting and Other Toddler Frustrations

      WebMD helps you teach your toddler not to bite and discusses growth at 16 months.

    3. Baby's First Words

      WebMD talks about what to expect from your baby when it comes to making sounds and forming words.

    4. Buying the Right Shoes

      Wondering which baby shoes are best? WebMD provides tips for finding the right pair for your 1-year-old.

    5. Babies and Eczema

      Do you think your infant might have eczema, a dry, itchy rash? Learn more from WebMD about identifying and treating this common skin rash.

    6. Baby's First Social Smile

      WebMD talks about your baby's smile -- when to expect smiles, what baby's smile means, and much more.

    7. Vaccination Schedule: What to Expect

      WebMD provides an overview of the vaccines baby will need and when these vaccines are given.

    8. Building Character and Self-Esteem

      WebMD helps you teach your 1-year-old good behavior by focusing on positive reinforcement.

    9. Baby's 2-Year Checkup: What to Expect

      Find out what to expect during your baby's 2-year checkup: What your pediatrician will look for and questions you'll want to ask.

    10. Avoiding Bedtime Struggles

      WebMD provides helpful tips to handle baby's ear infection, stranger anxiety, and sleep problems.

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