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    1. Baby's 9-Month Checkup: What to Expect

      Find out from WebMD what to expect during your baby's 9-month checkup: what your pediatrician will look for and questions you'll want to ask.

    2. Disciplining Your Toddler

      WebMD provides advice for handling toddler temper tantrums and discusses changes in your 17-month-old.

    3. Choosing Baby Formula

      Bewildered by the array of infant formulas? WebMD helps you choose the right one with these facts and 12 tips for happy feeding.

    4. How to Calm a Fussy or Colicky Baby

      WebMD explains how to calm a fussy or colicky baby. Get tips that can help you soothe your newborn.

    5. Dad’s Role in Baby’s Life

      WebMD gives ideas for things dads can do to bond with their babies.

    6. Childcare Options

      WebMD helps you determine the best childcare for your toddler. Get tips on what to ask before you commit.

    7. Discipline: When to Start

      WebMD talks about teaching your baby what "no" means and how to begin discipline.

    8. What Happened to My Life?

      WebMD discusses the normal feelings of being overwhelmed while caring for a toddler. Learn to make time for yourself and how to take care of minor illnesses at home.

    9. Encouraging Language Skills

      WebMD explains how to help your baby develop her vocabulary by teaching sounds or words and associating them with people or things.

    10. Biting and Other Toddler Frustrations

      WebMD helps you teach your toddler not to bite and discusses growth at 16 months.

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