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  1. Child Abuse and Neglect - Topic Overview

    What is child maltreatment?Child maltreatment is any intentional harm to a child. Child maltreatment includes neglect and abuse.Neglect is when parents or caregivers fail to ensure a child's health and well - being. Neglect may result from not providing a child with appropriate shelter, schooling, clothing, medical care, or protection from hazards. Child neglect is just as serious as abuse and is

  2. Sexual Abuse: Physical Signs in Children - Topic Overview

    Signs of the sexual abuse of a child are not likely to be noticed without an examination of the genital area. These signs include: Bruises,scars,chafing,or bite marks in the genital area. Discharge from the vagina or penis. Rectal or genital bleeding. Anal tears or dilation. Symptoms of a developing sexually transmitted disease (STD),such as gonorrhea,syphilis,chlamydia,genital ...

  3. Bullying - Topic Overview

    What is bullying?Bullying is behavior that threatens or harms another person. Types of bullying include:Physical harm, such as hitting, shoving, or tripping.Psychological harm, such as taking money or belongings, making threats, name - calling, or leaving another child out of games or conversations (shunning). Children often are bullied about the way they talk or how they look. Making fun of a ...

  4. Aggression in Youth - Topic Overview

    What is aggression?Everyone gets angry sometimes, even small children. But some children and teens have so much trouble controlling their anger that they shove, hit, or make fun of other people. This causes them trouble at home and at school. They often have a hard time making friends. And their aggression makes parenting them a challenge.Aggression is any behavior that hurts other people. It can be physical—hitting or pushing—or verbal, such as name-calling. Aggression also can be social. Children may make fun of other kids or ignore them to make them feel left out. Older children and teens may gossip about peers or spread rumors about them on social media. Bullying is a common type of aggression.Both boys and girls can be physically or socially aggressive. But boys often express anger in a physical way. Girls tend to be socially aggressive.The reasons some children are more aggressive than others are complex. Some children may be born with an aggressive personality. They may

  5. Your Toddler: Nutritious Meals for Picky Eaters - Topic Overview

    Young children between 12 and 24 months of age are notoriously picky eaters. They may only eat a few foods,then abruptly refuse them. Toddlers also have rapidly changing appetites. Although toddlers grow steadily throughout their second year,their growth rates are less dramatic than during the first year,which often is reflected in how much they eat. Children this age may eat robustly one ...

  6. Weaning - Routine Checkups

    A well baby checkup is a good time to ask questions about weaning. During this checkup, your baby's health professional will: Compare the baby's current weight, height, and head size with measurements taken at birth to see if the rate of growth is normal. Ask how well the baby is eating and sleeping and whether any problems have developed. ...

  7. Shaken Baby Syndrome - Frequently Asked Questions

    Learning about shaken baby syndrome:What is shaken baby syndrome?Who is most likely to shake or throw a child?    Ongoing concerns:What are some safe ways to calm a crying baby?What can caregivers do to help avoid shaking or throwing a child?What is my stress level?Where can I get help to control anger?Am I depressed?

  8. Child Abuse and Neglect - What Happens

    In the United States during 2002, approximately 1, 400 children died as a result of child maltreatment.2 Survivors are vulnerable to long - term emotional damage. Typically, children are abused at an age when they are not equipped with life experience and reasoning abilities to understand that it is not their fault. They suffer developmental setbacks, physical pain, and emotional anguish. ...

  9. Mastitis While Breast-Feeding - Home Treatment

    From the time you begin breastfeeding until your baby is weaned, take measures to prevent mastitis.

  10. Child Abuse: Signs of Neglect - Topic Overview

    Specific signs of neglect include: Hunger,inadequate growth or low weight from poor nutrition,or unmanaged obesity. Developmental delays. Lack of attention to personal cleanliness. The child may be very dirty,smelly,or unkempt. Inappropriate or lack of clothing for the season. Delay or failure to get needed health care. Not following health care recommendations. Pattern of tardiness or ...

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