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    1. Comfort for a Crying Baby

      From age-old home remedies to the 5 S's, here's advice on how to soothe your crying baby.

    2. Could Your Baby's Crying Be Colic?

      Could your newborn's crying be colic? Here are possible reasons for colic and what to do to calm your baby.

    3. Understanding Colic: Treatment

      If your baby has colic, learn ways to ease the crying, including changes in diet, feeding tips, and the use of motion to soothe your baby.

    4. Your Baby's Temperature and Fever

      WebMD explains the causes of a baby's fever and when you should worry about a high temperature.

    5. Colic Symptoms Explained

      Find out the symptoms of colic, including how long crying lasts for babies with colic and when you should call the doctor.

    6. How to Set Good Sleep Patterns for Your Baby

      WebMD's guide to your baby's sleep habits.

    7. How to Help Your Sick Child Get Enough to Drink

      Here are tips on getting your sick kids the fluids they need to prevent dehydration.

    8. Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

      WebMD offers tips for getting your baby to sleep - and helping him develop good sleep habits.

    9. 10 Steps to Help Prevent SIDS

      WebMD explains how to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS.

    10. Can't Concentrate? It Could Be Allergies

      Do your allergy symptoms keep you distracted and unfocused? WebMD offers tips for minimizing the fogginess through medication and lifestyle changes.

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