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  1. Growth and Development, Newborn - Routine Checkups

    WebMD describes newborn tests and screening, the birth examination and routine doctor visits your baby needs. Learn about types of newborn tests, like screening blood tests for inherited diseases, and immunizations doctors will give your newborn baby.

  2. Signs That Your Baby Is Getting Enough Breast Milk - Topic Overview

    You can be reassured that your baby is eating enough and is well nourished when he or she: Shows an eager desire and wakes up frequently to breast-feed. Rhythmically sucks and swallows milk. The fronts of your baby's ears will move slightly,and you usually will hear swallows. Breast-feeds at least 15 to 20 minutes on each breast at each feeding and is content when finished. Feeds at least ...

  3. Breast-Feeding - Benefits of Breast-Feeding

    Benefits of breast milkBreast - feeding is a natural way to nourish your baby. Breast milk provides your baby with unique nutritional and health benefits, such as:Antibodies to strengthen the immune system.A reduced risk for eczema.2A reduced risk for asthma.3A reduced risk for becoming obese later in infancy and during childhood.A reduced risk for developing diabetes and high blood pressure. A ..

  4. Breast-Feeding - When To Call a Doctor

    Call your doctor now if you have: Increasing pain in one area of the breast. Increasing redness in one area of the breast or red streaks extending away from an area of the breast. Drainage of pus from the nipple or another area of the breast. A fever of 101°F (38.3°C) or higher. Call your doctor today if you have: Breast problems,such as cracked and bleeding nipples or blisters on your ...

  5. Breast-Feeding - Common Problems

    You may sometimes doubt your ability to successfully breast-feed. It's common to have questions and struggles sometimes. You may notice that your baby is having problems. Or you may have problems during feeding or problems with your breasts. Remember,most breast-feeding issues are easily resolved when you know what to expect and have support from others,including your doctor,midwife,or ...

  6. Breast-Feeding - Topic Overview

    WebMD shows the benefits of breastfeeding and provides information to moms who are deciding between breast milk and infant formula.

  7. Breast-Feeding - How to Breast-Feed

    You may sometimes doubt your ability to successfully breast - feed. It is common to have questions and occasional struggles. Remember, most breast - feeding issues are easily resolved when you know what to expect and have support from others.Getting started and keeping it upYou may be unsure about how to begin breast - feeding. A lactation consultant is available at many hospitals and birthing cen

  8. Growth and Development, Newborn - When to Call a Doctor

    Call your doctor immediately if you notice anything that concerns you. You are the expert on your baby. Although usually everything is fine, do not be afraid to contact your health professional for any reason. Physical problems to watch for in your newborn include: An umbilical cord stump that looks infected, as is indicated by pus or reddened skin at the base of the cord.Signs of dehydration, ...

  9. Breast Engorgement - Exams and Tests

    No exams or tests are needed to diagnose breast engorgement. If your health professional suspects a breast infection (mastitis), you will be treated with antibiotics.

  10. Breast Engorgement - Symptoms

    Symptoms of breast engorgement happen when the breasts produce and fill with milk but little milk is removed from them. Milk overfills and engorges the breasts.

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