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  1. Nystatin for Yeast Infections While Breast-Feeding

    Drug details for Nystatin for yeast infections while breast-feeding.

  2. Topic Overview

    Breast-feeding more than one child is called tandem breast-feeding. If you continue to feed your older child along with your newborn,keep in mind that the youngest child's feeding is the highest priority. Some general feeding guidelines can help ensure that your newborn is properly nourished: Feed the newborn about 8 to 12 times in a 24-hour period,without time limitations. During the first ...

  3. Breast-Feeding a Sick Baby - Topic Overview

    If your baby becomes ill or develops a minor viral illness,such as a cold,flu,or diarrhea,it is best to continue your breast-feeding routine. Breast milk provides your baby with the best possible nutrition. If your baby is too ill to breast-feed,try cup-feeding. With this technique,you feed your baby collected breast milk. Take your baby to visit a health professional if he or she eats ...

  4. Topic Overview

    Keep the following in mind as you start an exercise program or try to lose weight while you are breast-feeding. Exercise Being active helps promote weight loss,improves your energy level,and can help you relieve stress. Follow these tips when you start an exercise program while you are breast-feeding: Start out slowly. Walking,swimming,and cycling are all good low-impact ways to begin an ...

  5. Cup-Feeding Baby With Breast Milk or Formula - Topic Overview

    Cup-feeding is a way to provide breast milk or formula to a baby who is unwilling or unable to breast-feed or drink from a bottle. If a mother wants to breast-feed,cup-feeding is also sometimes used as an alternative to bottle-feeding for a baby who needs supplementation for a few days. To cup-feed your baby,fill a medicine cup to about 1 fl oz (29.6 mL) with breast milk or formula. Make ...

  6. Breast-Feeding Positions - Topic Overview

    Breast-feeding in the proper position will help your baby latch on and breast-feed correctly and make your experience more enjoyable. Also,when you are in a comfortable and relaxed position,let-down occurs more easily. You are more likely to drain all areas of your breast by changing breast-feeding positions frequently. This helps to prevent blocked milk ducts. Women who have had a cesarean ...

  7. Breast-Feeding and Your Milk Supply - Topic Overview

    A number of factors influence your milk supply; the two most important are how often you breast-feed and how well your breast is emptied. The hormone that regulates milk production ( prolactin ) is stimulated by breast-feeding,so the more frequently you feed your baby and empty your breasts,the more milk your body produces. Initially,your milk supply increases in the first few days as you ...

  8. Breast-Feeding: Planning Ahead

    When you breast - feed, you provide your baby with the best possible nutrition. The best way to stimulate milk production is to have your baby feed directly from your breast. If this isn't possible, your baby can drink expressed breast milk from a bottle. The first few weeks of breast - feeding can be challenging because of all the changes to your body and routine. Breast - feeding becomes easier

  9. Quick Tips: Successful Breast-Feeding - Topic Overview

    Proper techniques are crucial for successful breast-feeding. Although some aspects of breast-feeding come naturally,learning new skills also is important. Before your baby is born,take classes,read books,and watch videos that demonstrate breast-feeding techniques. If you have concerns about your ability to breast-feed,talk to a lactation consultant while you are pregnant. After your baby ...

  10. Topic Overview

    Most medical professionals recommend letting a baby eat on demand. But during the first few days of breast-feeding,be sure to awaken your baby for feedings about every 2 hours. This will help to get your milk supply going. To make the transition from sleep gradual and comfortable,try the following: Cool your baby off by taking off his or her clothes. Have skin-to-skin contact with your baby ...

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