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  1. Breast Engorgement - Treatment Overview

    Breast engorgement is a common problem after birth and during breast - feeding. You can prevent and treat it at home.

  2. Breast Engorgement - Symptoms

    Symptoms of breast engorgement happen when the breasts produce and fill with milk but little milk is removed from them. Milk overfills and engorges the breasts.

  3. Breast Engorgement - Exams and Tests

    No exams or tests are needed to diagnose breast engorgement. If your health professional suspects a breast infection (mastitis), you will be treated with antibiotics.

  4. Breast Engorgement - Topic Overview

    Breast engorgement is the painful overfilling of the breasts with milk.

  5. Breast Engorgement - Home Treatment

    Information on home treatment of breast engorgement.

  6. Talking With Your Child About Sex - Topic Overview

    As adolescents enter their late teen years, they begin to date more regularly, and many become sexually intimate with a partner. For many, sexual drive is at its strongest during adolescence. More than half of teenagers will have had sexual intercourse by the age of 17. By the age of 18, 65% of girls and 68% of boys have had sexual intercourse.1Talking to your son or daughter about sexWhether ...

  7. Baby's 2-Year Checkup: What to Expect

    Find out what to expect during your baby's 2-year checkup: What your pediatrician will look for and questions you'll want to ask.

  8. Sports Safety for Kids

    Sports and recreation are full of benefits for kids. But injury is always a risk. Find out how to prevent them.

  9. How to Teach Your Child by Example - Topic Overview

    Teaching your child by example isn't about being a perfect parent. True, it's about showing, or modeling, healthy choices and good behavior. But it's also about showing your child how to handle mistakes and recover from bad choices.How can you be a good role model for your child?First, take a minute to think about the good examples you set for your child every day. And give yourself credit for bad habits that you've already changed to good ones for your child's benefit. Now, ask yourself a few questions.What kind of person do I want my child to become?What good things are easy for me to teach my child by example? These are qualities and behaviors that are natural and easy for you.What things are hard for me to teach by example? These are things like not wanting your child to start smoking even though you smoke, or wanting your child to learn to stay calm even though you tend to lose your temper.Challenge yourself Think of one behavior that you don't want your child to learn from

  10. Baby Developmental Milestones: 12 to 15 Months

    See how your baby is growing and developing and find out what to expect with this child development milestone list for months 12 to 15.

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