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  1. Preschooler Social Development

    WebMD discusses how preschoolers develop socially, from day care and play dates to making friends and learning to resolve conflicts.

  2. Teens: Take a Stand on Drugs

    Studies show that most teens don’t use drugs. But that doesnt' mean they don't face pressures to do so. WebMD offers tips for teens and advice for parents on avoiding the pitfalls of drug and alcohol use.

  3. Cough Medicine Abuse: A Checklist for Parents

    Abuse of cough and cold medicines among teens is a widespread and serious issue. WebMD provides practical advice to parents for addressing the issue right now.

  4. Spotting Teen Drug Abuse of Cough Medicine: Tips for Parents

    Learn more from WebMD about spotting signs that your teen is abusing cough and cold medicine -- and what to do if you suspect it.

  5. Teen Drug Abuse: Teachable Moments

    Some parents mistakenly think that a single conversation with their teenager about the risks of drug use is enough. But an ongoing conversation is far more effective. WebMD offers tips on answering your teen's questions honestly and keeping the dialogue open.

  6. Teen Depression: Symptoms and Tips for Parents

    Moodiness and irritability are normal features of adolescence. But they are also symptoms of depression. WebMD explains which symptoms to look for if you are concerned that your teenager is depressed and how to get him help.

  7. Teens: Make the Right Decisions About Cough Medicine Abuse

    WebMD offers a tool to help your teen avoid abuse of cough and cold medicines that contain DXM.

  8. Teen Drug Abuse: Role-Playing for Teens and Parents

    Teens are under pressure to abuse drugs or engage in other risky behaviors. Use these scenarios from WebMD -- even act them out -- to practice saying 'no.'

  9. Feeding Baby: 8 Eating Milestones

    WebMD offers a guide to your baby's 8 feeding milestones -- from starting solid foods to sitting in a high chair, to wielding a spoon.

  10. Is Your Preteen Ready to Stay Home Alone or to Watch Younger Siblings?

    When should you let your preteen stay home alone or babysit? WebMD offers guidelines for deciding when he or she is ready.

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