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    1. How Much Sleep Do Children Need?

      Wondering how much sleep your infant, older child, or teenager need? WebMD provides guidelines.

    2. Help Teens Build a Healthy Body Image

      Get tips on building self-esteem and a better self-image for your teenager. Help create a better body image for both boys and girls. Get tips from WebMD on helping your teenager develop a healthy body image.

    3. Sibling Rivalry

      WebMD discusses common sibling relationship problems like sibling rivalry, jealousy, and fighting, and how to help your kids get along.

    4. 5 Ways Parents Can Help If Kids Hate PE

      Here are some dos and don'ts when your child can’t stand physical education class.

    5. When a Kiss Is More Than a Kiss: Helping Your Teen Avoid Mono and More

      When is a kiss more than a kiss? When it makes your teenager sick. Here's how to prevent and treat common teen infections that can be spread through saliva and contracted in damp locker rooms.

    6. How to Use the FIT Platform

      WebMD and Sanford Health help parents and kids get fit. Learn how to use the FIT Platform to create physical and emotional habits that foster a healthy weight.

    7. Talking to Your Kids About Drugs

      Get help talking to your children about avoiding drugs.

    8. What Parents Should Know About BMI

      Your child's BMI can clue you in to a weight problem - and help you make lifestyle changes that will keep your family healthier.

    9. Dinner and Nighttime Snacks That Can Cause Wet Nights

      Some foods may contribute to bed-wetting. Understand the myths and facts behind 5 food strategies to help control bed-wetting in children.

    10. Understanding Diaper Rash -- Treatment

      WebMD's guide to the treatment of diaper rash.

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