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    12 Frequently Asked Questions About Meningitis

    1. 1.What are the causes of meningitis?
    2. 2.Who is at risk for meningitis?
    3. 3.What are the symptoms of meningitis?
    4. 4.Is meningitis contagious?

    Does Your Teen Need a Meningitis Vaccination?

    Meningitis Vaccines: What Parents Need to Know
    Do meningitis vaccines protect against all forms of the infection? How long do they last? Get the need-to-know facts about vaccines for your teen today.

    Meningitis Causes and Symptoms

    Meningitis 101: What Causes Meningitis?
    Get a crash course on meningitis: What it is, how it starts, the simple ways it spreads. Find out when urgent medical care can be lifesaving.
    Meningitis Symptoms and Warning Signs
    It starts with a small rash. A stiff neck. Flu-like symptoms. So how do you tell when the warning signs and symptoms point to meningitis?
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