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Violent Video Games Linked to Aggressive Behavior


Lowenstein points out that most games are bought by adults and says so-called "shooter games" make up just 3% of games sold. Further, he says, some research shows some games may be more "cathartic" than harmful. He also notes that there is a clearly worded rating system for video games, which can help parents control what their children see.

Dill, who says she has personally spent "hours" involved in video games, is not down on the concept, just the violence. "There are some good video games that try to teach pro-social behaviors," she says. "Video games themselves just seem to be incredibly engaging. ? I think it's just like any medium; television can be wonderful or horrible, and so can video games."

Vital Information:


  • Two new studies show that playing violent video games may contribute to aggressive behavior, similar to the effect of watching violent television.
  • Those who reported playing violent video games as a teenager were more likely to engage in aggressive behavior, and the more time they spent playing the games, the lower their college grades were.
  • Observers say it's still too early to say for sure what the effects of video violence might be. Industry representatives say the study findings don't always translate to the real world

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