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Common Pesticide Banned as a Risk to Children


"When the EPA identifies hazards it should stop their use," says Jay Feldman, executive director of the National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides. "It's a 'buyer beware' situation. We're urging people to stop buying and selling this product."

David Wallinga, a scientist for the Natural Resources Defense Council, calls the action a "good step" but says that the EPA should have pursued broader restrictions on agricultural products and sought faster phasing out of the nonagricultural uses. In addition, Dursban can still be used in some areas such as on golf courses and around houses under construction.

Manufacturers in lengthy negotiations strongly opposed a recall.

"This is faster than any other action that we have taken against a pesticide in the history of the EPA," says Browner. If we had been forced to take it through the complete legal process [for a complete recall or ban], it would have taken another five or six years."

The American Crop Protection Association, which represents manufacturers and pest control companies, calls the EPA ban an overreaction, saying it is based on "a flawed or incomplete process" and "uneven consideration of valid scientific data."

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