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    Patrick Dempsey Reveals His Dyslexia

    Star of Grey's Anatomy Says He Was Diagnosed at 12

    Warning Signs

    Dyslexia varies from person to person. The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) states that some people with dyslexia -- but not all -- read and write letters in the wrong order.

    According to the IDA, some people with dyslexia have issues with learning to speak, organizing written and spoken language, learning letters and their sounds, memorizing number facts, spelling, reading, learning a foreign language, and doing math correctly.

    Not everyone with those problems has dyslexia. Formal testing is needed for a diagnosis, states the IDA.

    Treatment and Prognosis

    According to the NINDS, dyslexia treatment should mainly focus on the specific learning problems of affected individuals. The usual course is to modify teaching methods and the educational environment to meet the specific needs of the individual with dyslexia.

    Spotting dyslexia early can help, the NINDS notes.

    "The disability affects such a wide range of people, producing different symptoms and varying degrees of severity, that predictions are hard to make," states the NINDS' web site.

    "The prognosis is generally good, however, for individuals whose dyslexia is identified early, who have supportive family and friends and a strong self-image, and who are involved in a proper remediation program," the NINDS says.

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