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    Flight Rules Tweaked: 11 Travel Tips

    How to Get Through Airport Security Without a Nervous Breakdown

    3. Don't bury medicine bottles in your bag.

    Put the pills in an easy-to-reach spot so you can get them quickly for security checks.

    Minimizing clutter in your carry-on could also make security screening easier, says the TSA's web site.

    4. Pack your patience.

    "Just realize that you're going to have some waiting time," Kozarsky advises. "Bring some good reading material and try to be patient and relaxed."

    The new rules may not run smoothly right away, so some increased flexibility in dealing with the procedures may come in handy, Kozarsky says.

    5. If you're not feeling well, speak up.

    "People certainly should always open their mouths if they're not feeling well, and tell somebody," Kozarsky says.

    Airport wheelchairs may be available, and some airports have medical clinics. Also, a fellow passenger may be a health care worker.

    "Usually within an airport ... they will have somebody who is able to respond to a medical emergency," Kozarsky says.

    Deciding What's Essential

    6. Contact lens wearers, take your glasses.

    The TSA's web site permits "essential" nonprescription medicine to be carried on board. But it doesn't define "essential," so items like contact lens solution fall into a gray zone.

    "It is open to interpretation and it will be interpreted by a screener there," TSA spokesman Darrin Kayser tells WebMD.

    "We are recommending to everyone that if you absolutely don't need it on the airplane, please put it in your checked bag," Kayser says. "If you do absolutely need it, then you'll need to sort of explain that need to a security officer.

    "I would think that it would be best to put that [lens solution] in your packed luggage, and to take your glasses, just in case you can't find your contact lens solution at the other end."

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