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    Tips and resources for parents on successful potty training methods.

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    WebMD Expert Discussion: Potty Training Helpers

    When it’s time to potty train your child, your local baby supplies store may convince you that you need a U-Haul to bring home all the must-have potty training gadgets. But do you really need all that stuff? In the WebMD online discussion about Potty Training, guest parenting expert Laura Jana, MD, whittles the long list of potty paraphernalia into four essential items.

    • Potty chair and seat. Most toilets seats are too big for little ones to sit on comfortably. So you can get a potty chair -- some complete with all the bells and whistles -- or a toilet ring to attach to the adult seat. Jana has found it helpful to have both, and advises parents to let the child pick it himself, so he'll be more likely to use it.
    • Step stool. Keep one in any bathroom your child might use to encourage hand-washing and to help very little ones climb onto the toilet.
    • Potty books. Every bathroom should have an array of books to entertain your child while she sits on the toilet. Some can be books that are actually about using the potty. But any book that holds your child's interest and keeps her seated long enough will do.
    • Toilet lid safety lock. They may make it a bit more complicated when you need to go. But toilet lid safety locks protect inquisitive toddlers from minor hazards -- like pinched fingers -- and major hazards, such as drowning.

    What's on your list of must-have potty training helpers? What potty training tools made your child want to use the potty?

    Discussion led by Laura Jana, MD Guest Expert
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