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    WebMD Expert Discussion: Potty Training While On-the-Go

    Going on a road trip with children who are potty training, or just too young to hold it for long periods of time, means being prepared to find a bathroom or improvise a potty when you travel. WebMD guest parenting expert Laura Jana, MD, says that consistency is as important with potty training as it is with many other things involving kids, so plan ahead to make sure your child can potty when you are on a road trip.

    Her suggestions:

    • Everyone visits the potty right before you leave the house. (Even if they insist “I don’t have to go!”)
    • Bring a portable potty seat (something you may have thought silly prior to becoming a parent, but will soon learn is a lifesaver) in the car, along with a packet of wipes and plastic bags to line the seat.
    • Always bring a change of clothes for accidents.
    • Limit liquids while traveling.

    And remember: you may need to stop the car with virtually no notice, so be prepared!

    How do you help maintain your child's potty training habits during family vacations and road trips? Share your travel experiences and strategies with other parents in the potty training community.

    Discussion led by Laura Jana, MD Guest Expert
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