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Raising Fit Kids: Healthy Nurtition, Exercise, and Weight

Applying FIT Principles to Your Life

You can get interactive and personalized reports about your family's health and specifically about your children's weights from using these tools within Raising FIT Kids.

  • How Fit Is Your Family? This online assessment asks parents questions about their family's habits around eating, exercising, sleeping, stress management, relaxing, and attitude. Then, parents get a customized report with a list of recommended family goals and a set of next steps to take to start improving overall family fitness.
  • FIT Kids BMI Calculator. Parents enter their child's age, gender, weight, and height to learn their child's body mass index percentile, which shows how his or her body fat compares to other kids the same age and gender. Then get tips on what to do to help keep healthy kids at a healthy weight or how to help overweight kids become more fit and reduce their health risks.

You can also view our slideshows, where pictures illustrate tips for living a FIT life.

There are also many articles for you to learn about each area of the FIT platform and the connection between the four key aspects of FIT.

Plus, you can communicate with other parents about your questions, struggles, and successes in the FIT Community.

Help Your Kids Learn to Be FIT

Your kids can also learn about the FIT Platform using fun, age-appropriate content just for them on WebMD FIT. Kids can play empowering, interactive games and compete with their friends -- all while learning how to be fit.

Kids, too, will learn about how they can make four aspects of life -- FOOD, MOOD, MOVE, and RECHARGE -- work together for a fit life. There are specific areas for:

  • Young kids: FIT Junior, for children ages 2 to 7
  • School-age kids: FIT Kids, for children ages 8 to 12
  • Teens: FIT Teen, for children ages 13 to 18


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