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    Raising Fit Kids: Healthy Nurtition, Exercise, and Weight

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    Everybody has a different response to stress. Some people turn to unhealthy habits like eating junk food or vegging in front of the TV. Stress can make it hard for some people to sleep. There are a few common "stress personalities." See which one you might have, and learn how to handle stress in a healthy way that sets a good example for your kids.

    1. You get cut off in traffic -- for the fifth time today. Are you more likely to:

    a. Hurl a few profanities and hit your steering wheel.

    b. Swallow your rage and think about anything but traffic.

    c. Pop a pill for your pounding headache.

    d. Take some deep breaths.

    2. The laundry is piling up, the toilet's overflowing, the kids are screaming, and your partner asks when dinner will be ready. Do you:

    a. Yell, "When you figure out how to turn on the stove!"

    b. Hide in your bedroom and watch TV.

    c. Eat a big bowl of ice cream.

    d. Calmly ask your partner to tackle the toilet while you take the kids for a walk around the block to reset.

    3. You've missed an important work deadline and your boss is upset. Do you:

    a. Get mad at the co-worker who let you down on the project.

    b. Lay low in your cubicle until the storm passes.

    c. Lie awake all night worrying that you'll get fired.

    d. Write down your worries on a piece of paper. Crumple it up and throw it away to unburden yourself. Then, make a plan and talk about next steps with your boss.


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