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Raising Fit Kids: Healthy Nurtition, Exercise, and Weight

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Kids and PE: Listen to Your Child's Concerns

In one study, 24 adults were asked to recall their memories of childhood phys ed. Many fondly remembered good experiences with PE teachers and coaches whose approach was caring, involved, and fair. But others described how an unfair or insensitive PE teacher or coach made them dislike physical activity for years.

It's not always teachers who foster bad memories. Another study asked 134 kids if they had experienced bullying in PE class. About 18% had been bullied physically, more than 23% had been bullied verbally, and about 20% had been bullied socially. Those who were bullied often didn't plan to take PE in the future.

Talk to your child about his concerns about gym class because they can have a lasting effect. If you think there's a serious problem, talk with the teacher or principal.



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