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    Raising Fit Kids: Healthy Nurtition, Exercise, and Weight

    Raising Fit Kids: Picky Eater Contest Winner

    You've been waiting patiently, and at last the winners have been chosen! Take a peek below to see who won.

    Congratulations to All Our Winners!

    Grand Prize Winner
    • Wes H., Texas

    One technique we use with my VERY picky 3-year-old daughter is "secret fairy dust." We found an empty bottle and put a picture of her on it, along with a fancy "Secret Fairy Dust" label. Then we presented it to her during one of her "I am NOT going to eat that" tantrums. The bottle has absolutely nothing in it, but with a little imagination, it has special powers to make your food taste yum-yum good! Also, we sometimes give her a special dipping sauce that makes anything taste great. And just what is this special dipping sauce? It’s nothing more than fat-free ranch dressing with a tiny drop of red food coloring. It turns the dressing into a beautiful pink color, and pink is my daughter’s favorite color!

    Runners Up
    • Charles D., Michigan
    • Alicia M., New York
    • Dana T. New Jersey
    • Courtney G., Indiana

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