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Raising Fit Kids: Healthy Nurtition, Exercise, and Weight

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Tips to Know While You’re Working to Get Back on Track continued...

For example, worried your family has stopped exercising and being physically active?

Choose one thing to work on yourself. If you’ve stopped taking your Saturday morning walks, be the ringleader. Once everyone clears the breakfast table, start lacing up your shoes.

Need motivation? Exercise is a great stress reliever. Helping kids to handle their own stress will help their overall happiness. Walking together is also great family quality time. Plus, by taking the initiative to start walking again, it shows them that being active is something that you like to do and that it is important to you. Parenting experts say that once you resume your normal routine, the kids will follow naturally.

Whew! It’s totally do-able, but all this getting back on track does take work.

Next time, plan ahead. The next time a break is coming up, just remember to be kind to yourself and try to plan ahead. It’s totally fine to relax the family routine on breaks or vacation. Saying otherwise would be unrealistic. It’s OK to let your kids go to bed a little late. It's OK to be a little more lax about junk food. But don't make breaks a free-for-all. If you completely scrap your family routine when you're away, it will be harder to reestablish it later. Even though you know you can get your family back on track, be kind to yourself and don’t stray too far from the norm.


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