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    Raising Fit Kids: Healthy Nurtition, Exercise, and Weight

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    Healthy Habit 5: Make time for Zzz’s.

    Tired kids are cranky and moody. And it’s harder for them to have the energy to make good choices during the day, like exercising or choosing water over soda.

    Bedtime may get harder with teens. At puberty, their body clocks reset, and they become wired to stay up late. Because high school starts so early, many teens are constantly sleep-deprived, which raises their risk for weight gain and other health problems.

    Make sleep a priority in your house. Get everyone to stick to a routine bedtime, even on the weekends. About an hour before lights out, switch off TVs, phones, computers, and video games. Give your kids something relaxing to do to help them wind down.

    Don’t forget that shut- eye is good your health, too. Set a good example for your kids by sticking to your own bedtime routine.

    Healthy Habit 6: Be consistent.

    The most important way to help your family practice good habits is to stick to your plan. Stay consistent about the foods you have in the home, about family exercise, and about bedtime.

    If you do, your kids are more likely to accept rules in the long run. If you hesitate, they're more likely to argue and push back. With persistence, you'll be able to help them embrace healthy habits, and that'll benefit them for the rest of their lives.


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