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    1. Baby Proofing Essentials

      Learn how to keep curious fingers away from everyday hazards in your home. This slideshow helps you see where you need to baby proof.

    2. Slideshow: Cleaning and Organizing for Parents

      Got kids? Then you've got messes, too! Read this slideshow to learn how to keep your family and home neat and organized.

    3. Slideshow: How to Increase Your Milk Supply

      What can you do to increase your milk supply as a new mom? Find out what helps when you're breastfeeding or pumping your milk.

    4. Slideshow: Coping With Bedwetting

      Bedwetting causes stress and can be triggered by it. See solutions for managing accidents and embarrassment. Plus, tips for keeping your child dry.

    5. Slideshow: 10 Ways to Lose Baby Weight

      Now that your new baby is here, WebMD shows you how to get rid of those extra pounds you gained during pregnancy.

    6. Life After Baby Arrives: What You Didn't Realize

      See what's really in store when you bring your baby home. Tips for new parents about sleep, getting help, adult relationships, and more when you have a newborn.

    7. Slideshow: Quick Tips for Feeding a Picky Eater

      Is your child a picky eater? Learn strategies for feeding picky eaters and tips for establishing good eating habits in kids.

    8. Slideshow: Healthy Snacks on the Go

      See great ideas for healthy snacks to take when you're out and about, with a car full of kids or by yourself.

    9. Slideshow: Teach Your Kids to Love Exercise

      Your kids don't like sports? No problem! WebMD shows you how to get your kids up and moving. Find fun ways for them to exercise.

    10. Slideshow: Play, Learn, and Grow With Your Baby

      Help your baby reach developmental milestones with fun month-by-month playtime tips in this WebMD slideshow. Games encourage language skills, coordination, and more.

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