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    1. Video: Back to School Routine Tips

      Did late-night sleepovers and extra free time throw off your kid's schedule? Make a smooth transition into the new school year with these tips.

    2. Video: 3 Things to Keep in Your Kid's Backpack

      Pencils? Check. Folders? Check. School supplies are fun, but before you send your kids off to class, think about putting these not-so-obvious items in their backpack.

    3. Video: Can You Spot a Drowning Child?

      Are you sure you’d know when a child was in distress in the water? Here’s how to keep your kids safe while swimming.

    4. Video: Is It OK to Use Baby Talk?

      Your infant's first word is a huge milestone. But does the way you speak to them help or hinder their speech development?

    5. Handling Child's Public Temper Tantrums

      What should parents do when their kid throws a tantrum in public? Dr. Hansa knows what to do.

    6. Myths and Facts About Your Child's Bed-wetting Accidents

      Help your child stop wetting the bed by separating bedwetting facts from fiction.

    7. Video: Truth About Baby Poop

      Baby poop is like a box of chocolates -- you never know what you’re going to get. WebMD gives you tips on what to expect and when to call the baby's doctor.

    8. Video: Baby Spit-Up Explained

      Being hit up with too much spit-up from your infant? Find out what can cause this and how to ease it.

    9. Video: 5 Things to Know About Baby Gas

      Here are five helpful tips about baby gas that will ease pressure for you and your infant.

    10. Video: 3 Diaper Bag Must-Haves

      You don’t have to haul around the latest hefty diaper bag for your baby. Here’s a list of some essentials.

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