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  1. Deep Brain Stimulation Lasts 5+ Years

    Nov. 13, 2003 -- It's not for all patients with Parkinson's disease. It doesn't improve mental function. But deep brain stimulation gives independent daily living back to most patients by improving muscle control. How long does the effect of this relatively new procedure last? That's still not clear

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  2. Cloning Cures Parkinson's -- in Mice

    Sept. 22, 2003 -- A new technique may help stem cell research move out of the laboratory and into more animals, including humans. In the first example of using cloning to treat a brain-related disorder, researchers have successfully used cloned mouse stem cells to generate sufficient and specific ce

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  3. New Type of Parkinson's Disease Drug

    Aug. 21, 2003 -- For decades, dopamine-replacement drugs have reigned as the best defense against Parkinson's disease. But new research shows that a drug that doesn't affect dopamine may improve symptoms without causing some of the troubling side effects of current drugs. Researchers say dopamine re

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  4. Parkinson's Patient Gets Gene Therapy

    Aug. 19, 2003 -- It's new. It's risky. And it might just work. It's a new gene therapy for Parkinson's disease. Researchers today announced that a 55-year-old New York man is the first patient to get the experimental treatment. "He's doing fine so far. It's been just over 24 hours and he has no feve

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  5. Pain Relievers May Prevent Parkinson's

    Aug. 18, 2003 -- Regular use of common pain relievers lowers a person's risk of Parkinson's disease, a new study says. Research continues to build for a protective effect of anti-inflammatory drugs against brain diseases. The findings come from data collected in two large studies of more than 44,000

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  6. Parkinson's Drugs Linked to Gambling

    Aug. 11, 2003 -- Researchers say that high doses of some medications used to treat Parkinson's disease may make some patients more likely to develop a gambling addiction. During a recent study, published in the August 12 issue of Neurology, researchers discovered an unusual finding: Excessive gambli

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  7. Iron May Increase Risk of Parkinson's

    June 9, 2003 -- With apologies to Popeye, there may be a downside to eating too much spinach. New research suggests that people who have high amounts of iron in their diets may be at increased risk of developing Parkinson's disease. The study compared food and vitamin supplement consumption among Pa

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  8. Alcohol Doesn't Protect From Parkinson's

    May 15, 2003 -- New research argues against a direct relationship between Parkinson's disease and an aversion to addictive behaviors. The findings challenge the idea of a so-called 'Parkinson's personality' in people predisposed to develop the disease. Investigators at the Harvard School of Public H

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  9. A New Way to Treat Parkinson's Disease

    April 28, 2003 -- An experimental Parkinson's disease treatment may help preserve brain function and stop the involuntary movements associated with current Parkinson's disease treatments. A new study found the treatment safely eased symptoms and improved the quality of life in people whose disease w

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  10. Parkinson's Signs Linked to Alzheimer's

    April 22, 2003 -- Older adults who rapidly develop the tremors and other classical symptoms of Parkinson's disease may be up to eight times as likely to develop Alzheimer's disease. A new study shows that the progression of symptoms traditionally associated with Parkinson's disease, such as an irreg

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