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    10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Parkinson's Disease

    Since you've recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, ask your doctor these questions at your next visit.

    1. What stage is my illness in now?

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    2. How quickly do you think my disease will progress?

    3. How will Parkinson's disease affect my work?

    4. What physical changes can I expect? Will I be able to keep up the activities, hobbies, and sports I do now?

    5. What treatments do you suggest now? Will that change as the disease progresses?

    6. What are the side effects of medication? Is there anything I can do about them?

    7. Should I make any changes to my diet or lifestyle?

    8. Are there any complementary treatments or therapies that could help me?

    9. Am I a good candidate for any clinical trials?

    10. Is there a support group or counselor you recommend?

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    Reviewed by Neil Lava, MD on October 19, 2014

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