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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    General Physician Directory Questions

    Physician Search Questions

    General Physician Directory Answers

    How is the data for the WebMD Physician Directory compiled? Is it reliable?

    The WebMD Physician Directory utilizes a variety of high quality data sources. Physician information is confirmed with each physician's office twice a year - including name, address and specialization. However, practice information can change quickly.- for example if a physician retires, or leaves a practice. In general, the data in this directory is reliable, but to be 100% sure, always contact that doctor's office.

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    Can I use the information in the directory for a mailing list?

    The use of information for mailing lists or other marketing efforts is prohibited by law. Please read the WebMD Physician Directory Terms and Conditions for more information.

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    What kind of additional physician information will WebMD offer in the future? How can I make a suggestion?

    We are constantly upgrading the physician directory and plan to add additional information in the future.

    If there is a particular feature or type of information you would like us to include, please feel free to send it to us via email at

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    How do I report a change or an error in physician or practice information?

    Please send an email to to let us know what information needs to be updated.

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    Physician Search Answers

    How do I find a map and directions to a physician's office?

    Once you’ve obtained a list of physicians or selected a particular physician to visit, you will find the Map & Directions link on the Physician's profile page underneath the address. You may obtain specific directions by entering your starting location and selecting Get Directions.

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    What kind of physicians are in the WebMD Physician Directory?

    The directory contains profiles of the over 600,000 clinically active physicians in the USA.

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    How do I find a physician?

    A search for a physician always starts on the directory's home page at

    A search has two simple steps:

    Step 1: Enter the area you want to search. We recommend that you enter a Zip Code to narrow your search. You can also enter a City and State combination or just the State name or abbreviation. WebMD will search within a 25 mile radius for your physician unless you search the whole state (you can expand this radius using 'More Search Options' discussed below).

    Step 2: Enter the physician's Last Name or the kind of Specialist you want. You can enter the whole Last Name or just the first few letters of it. If you do not know the name of your physician, choose a Specialist from the radio buttons or drop-down menu. Select Find a Doctor.

    You will then arrive at the 'Results' page with all the physicians that match your search criteria. If you search by City or Zip Code, your results will automatically sort by distance, the closest physician being first. (If you search by State Only, your results will be automatically sort alphabetically by Last Name. This is discussed under 'More Search Options' below.) You can page through the results using the Previous and Next links in the top or bottom blue bar.

    To learn more about a physician in the list, select their 'View Profile & Phone' link in their listing. This will open the physician profile which contains a variety of information about the physician including address and phone, education and training, and hospital and insurance affiliation.

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    What kind of information is on the physician profile?

    • Primary Practice Contact Information. This includes the business address and phone.
    • Education & Training. This includes the specialties for which the physician has trained.
    • Practice Information. This includes other offices the practice may have, hospital affiliations, and other physicians in the practice.

    Helpful tools include:

    • Map & Directions. Use this tool to get a map of the local area around the physician's office(s) as well as driving directions.

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    What if I cannot find my physician in your directory? Is there a way to add them?

    If you are having trouble finding your physician, perform a statewide search with just the first two of letters of the physician's last name.

    If for some reason your doctor is not on the list, please send us an email at Include the physician's name and practice phone number and a member of the WebMD Customer Care Team will follow-up.

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