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Prostate Cancer: Personal Stories

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Sex After Prostate Cancer: Two Men's Questions

Incontinence and impotence: An expert answers the questions of two men coping with these side effects of prostate cancer treatment. Is your answer here?

Sex After Prostate Cancer: Two Men's Questions

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Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer occurs when a tumor develops in the prostate gland, which makes the liquid portion of semen. Cancer that spreads outside the prostate gland to the lymph nodes, bones, or other areas is called metastatic prostate cancer. Currently, no treatments can cure advanced prostate cancer. However, there are ways to help control its spread and related symptoms. Treatments that slow the spread of advanced prostate cancer and relieve symptoms often cause side effects. Some patients, often...

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Video: Is There a Prostate Cancer Vaccine Treatment?

Les Heacock is making history. As part of a clinical trial he's one of the first prostate cancer patients testing a vaccine to prevent a reoccurrence of the disease. Find out more about the vaccine in this video.

Video: Is There a Prostate Cancer Vaccine Treatment?


Video: When Is Delayed Cancer Treatment Appropriate?

Bill Meginley and Pattie Cooney were each diagnosed with cancer -- but one waited to start treatment while the other did not. Which attitude paid off in the fight against the disease? Find out here.

Video: When Is Delayed Cancer Treatment Appropriate?


Video: New Approach to Pain Relief for Cancer Patients

To prevent overmedicating cancer patients, Hector Vila Jr., MD and the Moffitt Cancer Center are pioneering a new method of rating pain. Find out why the Moffitt pain-consciousness rating may become a new standard for treating cancer pain.

Video: New Approach to Pain Relief for Cancer Patients


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