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    Find prostate cancer support; ask the experts about your prostate cancer questions, and get more information from cancer foundations, groups, and more.

    Finding Help

    Prostate cancer treatment often calls on the expertise of many medical specialists. Depending on your own case, here is a list of some of the specialists you may see.

    Get tips on building a team of health care providers, from urologist and oncologist to physical therapist and nutritionist.

    If you have cancer of any type, get support in your daily struggle against your illness. Share your stories, support and insight here.

    If you have questions about the male urology system, prostate issues, or sexual functions, urologist Sheldon Marks, MD, can help.

    Have you been diagnosed with cancer? Then you'll want extra information about the many cancer treatments and procedures available to you and your doctor. Let oncologist Harold Burstein, MD, educate you on the latest procedures and new advances in cancer treatment.

    If you or a loved one has a cancer diagnosis or is undergoing cancer treatments, you're likely looking for information, tips, and support on how to cope with cancer day-to-day. Lynn Dworzanin, MS, RN, CS, is here to help.

    Men's health is a growing field.  Sheldon Marks, MD, shares advice and information on men's health issues, from prostate problems to hair loss, as well as fitness and nutrition.


    The National Comprehensive Cancer Network is a nonprofit alliance of 21 cancer centers throughout the U.S. that treat all cancers.

    All in one place find over 30 prostate cancer associations with more of the prostate cancer information you need.

    The Prostate Cancer Foundation funds prostate cancer research to find better treatments and a cure for prostate cancer. This link will take you to its web site.

    Build on your knowledge with resources, research, education, and more information about prostate cancer from these specialists. This link takes you to a web site that can help.

    This group's focus is on prostate cancer awareness, outreach, and advocacy and they manage the only national mobile prostate cancer screening clinic. Clicking on this link will take you to its web site.

    Find out if getting screened for prostate cancer is the right move for you with this CDC decision guide.

    Contact information specialists for answers to your cancer questions, read current cancer information, and learn more about the many facets of this disease by clicking on this link.

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