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Diagnosis: Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Getting your questions answered, finding the treatments you need,
and taking care of yourself.

Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer

Can you have chemo? Surgery?
A step-by-step treatment guide
based on your condition.

When Your Treatment Just Isn't Working

What it means when the
medicines you take no longer
have an effect on your body, and
when you need to look beyond the usual treatments.

Could You Join a Prostate Trial?

The benefits and risks of clinical trials: what the latest research
and experimental drugs show.

When Your PSA Level Changes

After surgery, what a rising PSA means -- and doesn't mean.

Health Guide

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

A printable checklist to take
on your next appointment

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Video: What Are Your Options?

If you have advanced prostate cancer, you will want to know what options you have for treatment.

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