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    New Form of Fiber Fights Cancer

    Human Trials Under Way for Citrus-Skin Derivative


    "GCS-100 was well tolerated and there were early signs of clinical activity in one of the two patients treated at our clinic," stated Corliss Newman of the University of Rochester Medical Center in a GlycoGenesys news release. "I await further findings of expanded clinical trials in the future aimed at determining a safe and efficacious dose of GCS-100."

    Meanwhile, at least one other company is making a form of modified citrus pectin. EcoNugenics Inc. in Santa Rosa, Calif., sells it as Pectasol. A small clinical trial led by Mark Scholz, MD, of Healing Touch Oncology in Marina del Rey, Calif., is studying whether the supplement can help prevent recurrence of prostate cancer after surgery.

    EcoNugenics points to a recent paper by Scholz and colleague Brad Guess, PA-C, as evidence the compound works. But that paper uses raw study data only to demonstrate the use of a statistical test and is not meant as a clinical study of Pectasol.

    "There was no mention of modified citrus pectin in our paper," Guess tells WebMD. "I would be remiss to try to talk about it in light of this paper. Yes, we used data from the modified citrus pectin study. But this data was used only used for statistical example. The company is wrong to use this as a representation of their product. I do not want to encourage a bunch of guys with prostate cancer to buy modified citrus pectin. That is not a responsible use of our paper."

    Raz, too, is unhappy that his work is being used to sell pectin products.

    "Because of our work, several companies now sell pectin products over the Internet and use my results to back up any claim that they have. They do this without my permission and use our intellectual property to their advantage," Raz says. "We still don't know what dose should be used or whatever. Cancer is a horrible disease and they are taking advantage of patients who will grasp at any straw."

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