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New Guidelines for Prostate Cancer

American Urological Association Updates Treatment Guidelines for First Time Since 1995

Back Story

Developing the updated guidelines required more than five years of work, Thompson tells WebMD. The panel included physicians from radiology, oncology, urology, sexual medicine, and other specialties. "We reviewed 13,888 published papers," he says. Many did not meet their rigid criteria for inclusion.

The final papers evaluated totaled 436.

Clinical trials that have aimed to compare different types of prostate cancer treatments have been beset with problems, Thompson says. Problems have included not getting enough men to participate or men who wanted to pick the treatment rather than be randomized to one of two or more (crucial to the science of the study).

Take-Home Messages

Patients with localized prostate cancer need to know that "no one treatment is right for all," Thompson says. "Two patients with precisely the same tumor may come to two different conclusions [about treatment] based on the evidence."

The updated guidelines are stronger than the previous version, Thompson says.

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