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    Videos Related to Prostate Cancer

    1. Video: What to Do After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

      Your diagnosis is overwhelming, but it’s important to read up and expect these regular tests.

    2. Video: Is There a Prostate Cancer Diet?

      Will certain foods help prevent or fight this cancer?

    3. Prostate Cancer Treatments: Know Your Options

      A diagnosis of prostate cancer can be scary, but treatments have improved dramatically in recent years. Know your options.

    4. Prostate Cancer: At What Age Does It Appear?

      How high is your risk of developing prostate cancer? Sheldon Marks, MD, expains the role age plays.

    5. Video: Prostate Cancer and Side Effects of Treatment

      Worried about erectile dysfunction and impotence after treatment for prostate cancer? Here’s what to expect after surgery or radiation.

    6. Video: Prostate Cancer Screening Tests

      Why the symptoms of prostate cancer make it so important to have a PSA blood test.

    7. Video: Treatment Plan for Prostate Cancer

      Together, you and your doctor can come up with a treatment plan for prostate cancer, but it’s important to ask these questions first.

    8. Talking About Advanced Prostate Cancer

      Reach out to friends and family for support.

    9. Advanced Prostate Cancer Care

      How your team of specialists can help you manage treatment.

    10. Pain Management for Prostate Cancer

      What are your options for relief?

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