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    Bathing and Dressing continued...

    Use a shower chair. Even if you think you don't really need one, it can help you relax while you bathe without putting more stress on your joints. A showerhead that you can adjust or hold in your hand can help, too.

    Change your wardrobe. Make getting dressed smoother by choosing clothes that are easier to put on, or adapt the clothes you already have. Bigger buttons, Velcro fasteners, elastic shoelaces, and rings for zipper pulls can make it faster to dress. So can tools like a long-handled shoehorn.

    Cleaning, Gardening, & More

    Lift carefully. Use both hands when you pick up a gallon of milk or a jug of laundry detergent. Also, slide a heavy object instead of lifting it when possible. Get laundry baskets with wheels, too.

    Don't lug cleaning supplies up and down the stairs. Keep a stocked supply closet on each floor. Instead of carrying your vacuum, think about a lightweight rechargeable vacuum for each floor, too.

    Garden without pain. Instead of crouching or kneeling on the ground, sit on a low stool while you're working outside. Some benches have wheels that make them easier to move. Try working on raised beds instead of on the ground. Also, look for ergonomic garden tools that are easier to use.

    Shop online. It’s easier and faster than trekking to the mall. Save your energy for the things you enjoy doing. If using a keyboard hurts, consider getting voice recognition software to do your online buying.

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