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Talk to Your Doctor

Fatigue is pretty common with RA, but you should still talk about it with your doctor. In some cases, they can help.

  • Some RA medications can make you tired. Changing the dosage or timing, or switching to a different drug, can give you more energy.
  • RA can cause depression, which can cause serious fatigue. Your doctor can help you decide if seeing a therapist could help. Medication may help, too.
  • Other medical issues -- like anemia, fibromyalgia, and thyroid problems -- can drain your energy, so it's important to find out if your RA is really to blame. Getting treatment can restore some energy.

Your regular RA medications should help, too. "Fatigue gets better when your RA gets under control," White says. Make sure you're getting the right meds and stick to your treatment plan.

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