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While You're Away

To feel refreshed and save energy:

  • Stretch and move during travel. Sitting too long will leave your joints aching and swollen. If you're driving, take breaks every hour to stretch your joints. If you travel by train or plane, take walks up and down the aisles to avoid getting stiff.
  • Think about using an assistive device. Even if you don't normally need one, a cane or other device may help while you're away -- especially in long lines at museums or tourist spots.
  • Take it easy. Overdoing it early could leave you fatigued and sore for days. So even if you're excited to get out and about, go slow. Better yet, don't make plans for your first day. Build time into every day to relax. Arrive extra early at the airport coming and going, so you can take a break after check-in and before boarding. Build in at least 1 day off after your trip, so you'll be refreshed and ready to go, not sore and dragging.

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