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4 Foods to Fight Rheumatoid Arthritis Inflammation

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Whole Grains

When you eat more whole grains instead of processed ones (think brown rice instead of white), you may lower your level of C-reactive protein (CRP), a sign of inflammation in the body.

In people with RA, CRP levels may go up during a flare. Doctors sometimes measure CRP to see how RA is going or to see how well treatment works.

Whole-wheat pasta and breads also have selenium, an antioxidant. Some people with rheumatoid arthritis have lower levels of selenium in their blood.

Another advantage of eating whole grains is that their fiber fills you up, which makes it easier to manage your appetite. That can help you stay at a healthy weight so you don’t have extra pressure on your joints.

Olive Oil

A natural chemical in olive oil stops the production of the chemicals that cause inflammation. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin and ibuprofen lower inflammation by curbing the production of these same chemicals.

Choose extra-virgin olive oil. Extra-virgin olive oil comes from the first pressing of the olive and has the highest content of good-for-you nutrients.

Olive oil makes a tasty substitute for saturated and trans fats. Saturated fats are found in foods such as whole milk, butter, ice cream, and fatty red meat. Trans fats are found in many processed baked goods (check the label for “partially hydrogenated” ingredients).

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Reviewed by David Zelman, MD on June 25, 2013
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