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    Help to Feel Better Today

    Get tips to help you shape your care for what you need. Feeling better with RA is within your reach.

    Get More Good Days With RA

    Be sure your good days outnumber your bad days. Get tips on preventing flare-ups of rheumatoid arthritis.

    Stay on Track With RA

    Now that you're feeling better, keep on going. Try these tips to take good care of yourself.


    • salad on plate RA Diet: Foods to Eat
      Eat foods that help fight inflammation when you have RA. Start with fish filled with omega-3s. Then add the right nuts, leafy greens, and oil.
    • herbs and spices in jars Helpful Kitchen Tools
      Hard to open jars? Does chopping strain your hands? Bring the joy back into cooking with these tools and tips for people with RA.
    • athletic woman smiling RA Exercises for Joints
      Ease stiffness and pain with these stretches and aerobics perfect for people with RA. You don't need fancy equipment. Just follow along in this slideshow.

    You Are Not Alone

    • 1.3 million Americans are living with RA.
    • 75% of people with RA are women.
    • 3 in 5 people with RA try to stay active.
    • 91% of people with RA are able to keep working.
    • 3 in 5 patients are satisfied with their doctors.
    • 80% say they hope for new, innovative treatments.
    • 75% want to feel better in 3 months of treatment.
    • 80% want treatment to resume full social lives.
    • 2 out of 3 say friends don't understand their RA.
    Matt Iseman

    What's so funny about RA?

    Matt Iseman shares what it's like to be a comedian -- and a guy -- with RA.

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    Sara Nash

    How do you explain invisible pain?

    Working in NYC is hard on Sara Nash; her pain is so invisible to others.

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    Is This Normal? Get the Facts Fast!

    How Many Minutes of Morning Joint Stiffness Today?

    RA Checklist Challenge

    Want to take better care of yourself? See how many things you can check off the list in the next 30 days!

    I ordered salmon instead of a burger when I went out to eat today.

    I took a walk 5 days this week.

    I didn't let my RA stop me from having fun today.

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