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    What Can I Do About the RA Pain I Feel Right Now?

    Get Joint Injections

    Steroid shots calm inflammation and pain quickly. Injections directly into your joint cause fewer side effects than corticosteroid pills.

    The downside? You can't get steroid shots more than once every 3 or 4 months, because they can weaken your bones and tissue. They're not a cure for RA, but they can help you get through a rough patch.

    Consider Electrical Stimulation (TENS)

    Although it's rarely used for RA, it may help. TENS is a small device that sends electrical signals into your body through electrodes placed on your skin near the area that hurts. It's not clear exactly how it works, but it gives some people relief.

    One theory is that it interrupts pain signals in your nerves. Another idea is that it triggers the release of endorphins -- chemicals that are your body's natural painkillers.

    A TENS unit in your home may get you through a flare-up. Most people hurt less while the device is on, but after they turn it off, the pain usually comes back.

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    Reviewed by David Zelman, MD on March 16, 2016
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