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    Sandee LaMotte

    Sandee LaMotte is the executive producer of video for WebMD, based in Atlanta. LaMotte began the WebMD Video Department in 2004, producing consumer-oriented health videos and doing in-depth interviews with key leaders in health and medicine.  Before that, she was the director of community at WebMD, overseeing more than 140 message boards, as well as live chats and blogs.

    LaMotte was tapped for the WebMD Video department because of her background with CNN, where she spent 20 years helping build the company to the media giant it is today.  A CNN “original”, she started as an assignment editor in Dallas in 1980, then quickly worked her way up the CNN hierarchy to Los Angeles, then Washington, D.C., before moving to network headquarters in 1983 to help start CNN’s first investigative documentary unit. 

    LaMotte then moved to the network’s long form news and documentary unit, Special Reports (later CNN Presents and CNN-TIME), and quickly became that team’s senior producer, editorially managing such massive projects as the 20 part, 2-hour documentaries “Waging Peace”,  “The People Bomb” and “The Gulf War: A Look Back”, which can be rented at Blockbuster.  She has won more than 50 awards during her television career, including an Emmy for “CNN Presents: Our Planetary Police” and a duPont-Columbia Silver Baton for “Iran: In the Name of God”, hand delivered on television by Dan Rather. 

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