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    Schizophrenia: Choosing a Doctor and Therapist

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    Finding the Right Health Care Provider

    The following are some suggestions to help you find the right health care provider:

    • Talk to trusted friends, family, or clergy about professionals they may have seen or know of in the community.
    • Ask another health care provider for a recommendation.
    • Ask your health insurance company for a provider list.
    • Use a referral service from a national professional organization for therapists or doctors.
    • Call a local or national medical society or mental health organization.
    • Look in the phone book under categories including social service organizations and counselors .

    Prior to scheduling your first appointment, think about the things you would like to know about your potential new doctor or therapist. Questions you may want to ask about include:

    • His or her education, licensure, and years in practice
    • Fees, lengths of sessions, insurance coverage, and office hours
    • His or her availability in case of an emergency
    • His or her treatment approach and philosophy
    • His or her specialization by age group or particular disorder

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    Reviewed by Smitha Bhandari, MD on April 15, 2015
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