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    43 Date-Night Ideas

    Romance Each Other continued...

    Have a gourmet picnic. Cruise the aisles of your supermarket and load your cart with whatever epicurean delights you can find: lobster salad, good quality chocolate, wine or fizzy grape juice, gourmet crackers, gooey cheeses, and so on. Now head for the most romantic spot in town. If it's too cold or wet to eat alfresco, why not try the atrium at the local zoo, botanical gardens, museum, or mall?

    Get decked out — even if you're just going to the local diner. Slip into your most glamorous duds — and have him do the same. No matter where you go, looking like your best version of yourself will make the evening feel special and inspire connection (and passion).

    Take a dance lesson. Even if you end up stepping on each other's toes, you'll be forced to pay attention to how your bodies move together. Avoid dances that don't involve touching (like line dancing). Instead, try learning how to tango, waltz, or even square dance. At the end of the lesson, be prepared for your dancing fool to sweep you off your feet and straight into bed.

    Rent a rowboat for a DIY sunset cruise and dinner. Keep your drinks cold by tying a rope around the bottle neck, or using a net to carry it, and trailing it behind you in the water as you head for the middle of the lake. Pack a blanket, lie back, and wait for the stars to appear. Don't forget to make a wish together on the first one you see.

    Go see a fortuneteller. It doesn't matter if she gets it right. (Do you really need a crystal ball to tell you that you two are meant to be?) But it can be a giggle (if she's wrong) or inspiring (if she's in the ballpark) to hear how a stranger reads your romance.

    Have a picture perfect night. Take a camera with you and at different points on your night out, ask people to take your photo (make it a point to lock lips for some of the snaps). On your next date, flip through the photos together — or make a collage or slide show. You can also create great memories by making a date with a photographer for a fancy shot of the two of you in a tight clinch. Or simply head into a photo booth. "We always take goofy photo booth pictures when we go out," says one woman. "It's fun, and sometimes illuminating, to look back over them. For instance, the snap we took a few months after our son was born — I remember feeling like we weren't communicating well, but then I'll look at that date photo and it shows how much joy and love we were also feeling."

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