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43 Date-Night Ideas

And Dates He'll Totally Love You For... continued...

Rock on, baby. Catch your favorite classic rock band on its reunion tour. Or check out a local cover band that plays music from the days when you were dating. "Every August I score tickets to an outdoor concert," says one woman. "I don a concert Tshirt from our dating days and dance wildly, just like I did on our first date."

Hit a local dive bar, preferably one with a pool table or dartboard, and enjoy a little healthy competition. A few tips: You don't need a lot of force to make the break in pool; just hit that first ball where it counts. "The biggest mistake people make is aiming for the center of the ball," says Larry (a.k.a. "Fast Larry") Guninger, holder of the record for sinking the most balls in one break (eight, for you sportstrivia wonks). Instead, he advises, aim for the dot of light on the first ball (caused by the overhead light). As for throwing a dart, it's like throwing a ball: You aim, pull your arm backward, push your arm forward, let go, and follow through.

Take a really cool class. Discovering something new together adds a layer of emotional connection to your relationship that will last long after the last lesson. Try scuba lessons, and dream about running off for a getaway at a remote tropical island; or learn a new foreign language and start planning a romantic vacation to the country where it's spoken!

No Babysitter? No Problem!

All the local sitters are booked straight through Labor Day? Here's help.

Choose an activity that's geared to kids, such as bowling, miniature golf, skating, mall cruising, or hitting balls in a batting range. If it's something your kids really enjoy doing, you're going to hear fewer "ewww" and "gross" comments as you two kiss and cuddle. Plus, their attention will be elsewhere, which means they're less likely to interrupt your conversation.

Go to an amusement park. A rollercoaster ride can jolt you into a "save me!" love clinch; a trip through the haunted house affords ample opportunity to sneak in some grabs or even a little necking; a challenge to a game of Shoot the Duck gets your competitive juices flowing (whoever nabs the teddy bear wins); and a communal stick of cotton candy lets you slip in a few sugary kisses as you nibble. Some parks offer concerts during the high season, so you can dance the night — or at least the early evening — away. To get the scoop on a park near you, check out

Check out your local music megastore. Pick up the latest hot dance CD (if your kids are hip to music trends, ask them to help you choose) and plan to make your own after hours house party later that evening.

See if there's a drive-in movie theater near your home ( lists theaters nationwide). Have everyone wear their pj's and bring sleeping bags or blankets. The kids can watch the show from the front seat — while you two cuddle in the back.

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