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Boring Bedroom Syndrome — It's Everywhere

Don't Forget to Brush! continued...

"People think you have to feel passion before you reach for your partner," says Dr. Owens. "But that's not true. You don't have to be hungry for sex to start making love." Instead, relax and let some plain old affection show, and see what develops. Spoon at night. Give him a quick pat in a strategic place when the kids aren't looking. Ask for — or give — a foot rub at the end of a hard day. Before you know it, you've got desire.

Rent a Thriller

You'd never mistake it for erotica, but watching a movie like Fatal Attraction can actually have the same engine-revving effect as something more overtly sexual. "Fright and arousal originate from the same part of the brain," explains Dennis Sugrue, Ph.D., former president of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists, so something that taps into your fear factor may tune up your romantic feelings as well.

Of course, you can get a good scare outside the movie theater. "When a couple rides a roller coaster, for example, and engages in romantic activity soon afterward, some of the thrill from the ride comes along into the bedroom," explains Weeks. "Anything that cranks you up physiologically will add excitement to the relationship."

Flirt — Mercilessly

Kid with the mailman, the plumber, the salesclerk, and, yes, your husband. Don't hold back — according to scientists, flirting causes a woman's body to produce oxytocin, a feel-good hormone that plays a key role in encouraging romantic relationships. "Oxytocin is the body chemical that causes those tingling sensations when you're aroused," explains Dr. Hirsch. So go ahead — bat a few eyelashes, tell your sexiest joke. Hey, it's all in the name of science.

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