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    Cynthia Nixon on Love, Sex, and Women's Health

    The Sex and the City star talks about playing Miranda, her battle with breast cancer, her fabulous 40s, and her next role.

    On Life As Miranda continued...

    Off the set, Nixon, 44, couldn't be mistaken for a SATC character. She dresses stylishly, but for comfort, not to attract paparazzi, and she's quick to admit she's a homebody. "I'm not a girl who likes to get dressed up and go out," she says. "I like to stay home and be with my girlfriend [Christine Marinoni] and my kids. I love going to the theater, but spending a lot of money on clothes -- that is not me."

    Instead of getting excited about a to-die-for designer suit or drop-dead gorgeous jewelry, Nixon gets excited talking about the stack of boxes where she stores all her family's holiday supplies -- like the birthday box with the crown, noisemakers, and balloons.

    As otherworldly as the SATC wardrobes might be -- the stars never wear the same outfit twice -- Nixon says neither the clothes nor the number of easy-on-the-eyes New York City bachelors is the most unbelievable part of the show. She says it's the fact that hard-charging, big-city professionals Miranda, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha (Kim Cattrall), and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) manage to schedule lunches or brunches two to three times a week. "It's like, come on, who are we kidding?"

    Cynthia's Support Network

    Nixon, who grew up in the same neighborhood where she now lives, close to her mother, does have a tight group of girlfriends from grade school days. They have had regular meals together for the last 30 years, but a little less often than the SATC crew -- it's every New Year's Eve at a Chinese restaurant. As for presenting her personal issues to a table of friends for a vote, she's not that kind of girl either. "I get advice one-on-one, not by committee," she says. "There are friends you turn to for different things -- advice dealing with work, or your mother, or your kid, or decorating your home. And then there are friends I have a meal with and [find I] didn't even know what was bothering me until I talked to them about it."

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