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    Cynthia Nixon on Love, Sex, and Women's Health

    The Sex and the City star talks about playing Miranda, her battle with breast cancer, her fabulous 40s, and her next role.

    Have Sex Like Miranda

    When asked what sex tips Sex and the City's Miranda might offer, Nixon quips that her tough attorney character might ask her sexual partners to sign a contract. Legal documents and joking aside, Nixon says that a decade ago, Miranda's advice might have been, "Look out for yourself -- take care of yourself first."

    It would be tough to argue that Miranda's sex stories are the most titillating among the four friends. In the first SATC movie, for instance, a distracted and exhausted Miranda rushes Steve through sex (pleading to just get it over with), and the next morning over breakfast, her girlfriends are horrified to learn that the last time Miranda had sex before then was six months ago.

    But today, Nixon says, Miranda is much softer, and by the end of SATC, her sex life looked like it might be improving. So here are three tips Nixon says today's Miranda would offer in a conversation about sex:

    • Be safe. Use a condom.
    • Don't be shy. Follow your impulses.
    • Be as present as possible, and if that scares the other person, get out of the bed.

    Coincidentally, Nixon says she would also personally give this same advice. As for No. 3, Nixon says this applies to all parts of a relationship, not just in the bedroom. If you can't be yourself, she says, the relationship's not right. Get out.

    What's Next for Cynthia Nixon?

    The worldwide promotion for SATC2 will continue into the summer, but once that's over, life will return to a more relaxed pace for Nixon, her children, Samantha, 13, and Charles, 7, and Marinoni, 43, whom Nixon calls the kids' "other mom." (They have been engaged for a year -- Nixon shows off her ring -- and would like to get married, but New York has not legalized same-sex marriages.) The two occasionally weekend at their house on Long Island, but usually stay in the city, hitting a museum, going to the park, or hosting friends for a slumber party.

    Nixon says she isn't sure what her next acting job will be. She has been offered roles in a number of plays, but either the timing of the production or the character she would play wasn't quite right. "I love working, but I was a child actor, and for the first 10 years of my career I was in school," she says. "So anytime I wouldn't get a job, I'd be disappointed, but I'd also think, 'Ahh, I'm not going to have to be in school and working.' There was always an upside to not getting the job. I still feel very much like that. If there's a wonderful job, that's great. But if not, and I'm home, that's great."

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