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    1. Passionate Marriage

      Don't believe the jokes you've heard about passionate marriage: "I never knew what real happiness was until I got married, and by then it was too late." Or "The longest sentence you can form with two words: 'I do.'" Max Kaufman and H.L. Mencken, while always funny, missed the mark on marriage -- at

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    2. Loss of Libido in Men

      Men don't like to talk about it; neither do their partners. But loss of libido in men or inhibited sexual desire stresses a marriage more than any other sexual dysfunction, according to Barry McCarthy, co-author of Rekindling Desire: A Step by Step Program to Help Low-Sex and No-Sex Marriages. Losin

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    3. Happy Couples: What It Takes to Be One

      The sight of a couple sharing a joke and walking hand in hand, their faces lined with wrinkles, and their hair gray, begs the question: How did they remain a happy couple for so many years? Given that about half of all first marriages for men and women under 45 end in divorce, it's a legitimate ques

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    4. Sharing Your Sex Fantasies With your Partner: Sizzler or Fizzler?

      You've been sharing a bed with the same partner for years. By now you know each other's sleeping habits inside and out, right down to the exact room temperature and sleeping position preferred. But how well do you know what it takes to turn on your partner? There's one way to find out -- by sharing

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    5. Advice for a Good Marriage

      We've all read the statistics: Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Are the lucky couples who continue to love and lust and live in relative harmony just that -- people whom the fates have blessed? Over Cupid's dead body! Love isn't a present that gets handed to you; it's a special kind of lea

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    6. Eat, Exercise, Relax, and Sleep Your Way to Better Sex

      Thought about leading a healthier lifestyle but haven't gotten around to doing it? Here's a possible incentive: Experts say people who are mentally and physically fit are more likely to have good sex lives. "If you feel good about yourself, you are in a better position to feel good about relationshi

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    7. 8 Things No One Tells You About Marriage

      By Ylonda Gault Caviness The surprising, enlightening, and sometimes hard truths we all face after marriage, and how they teach us about what love really means. "...And they lived happily ever after." You're smart. You know life is no storybook. But admit it: Somewhere deep in your subconscious lurk

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    8. What Men Really Want But Won't Tell You

      By Dan Bova Straight from the mouths of the guys themselves — it turns out what they crave is simpler, sweeter, and more surprising than you'd ever imagine. Here, our guy spills their not-so-dirty secrets. "A full shelf just for us in the medicine cabinet." Not a two-inch-wide slot -- a whole, wall-

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    9. Love Lessons Ripped from the Headlines

      By Dan Bova Love-life advice...from celebrities? The experts on red-carpet make-out sessions, tabloid feuds, and messy divorces? Nope, it's not a joke — read on for some star-studded romantic wisdom. One glance at the nearest supermarket checkout rack and it's clear that our obsession with celebriti

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    10. What You're Really Doing in Bed

      What's really going on in other couples' bedrooms? We were dying to know, and we knew you were, too. So we got the scoop from more than 2,500 women in our sex survey. Read on for the no-holds-barred results (and a few sexy ideas you might want to try!). What's the Frequency? Overall,

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